Worm Farming In The Philippines

' is that time of year again for a meeting of Chinoys, i.e. the Chinese living in the Philippines. Every August 15. He was Batangas on the farm of leisure, when I was in College, for a tour. We had the activity of the plantation, and there in the Park turned. My unforgettable experience was when we went to the place, where the culture-a. as fast as possible to get out of this place, ran when leaders allow us to keep the worms. Haha: d If you have a farm, can recycle your biological family and convert it into fertilizer.If you To try to access online, you To find now agricultural machinery is reserved. There is a Hello, potential market for these worms? Country and Very much little capital to buy equipment, is all that I can see that they are buying these worms. Thank you very much. Omega province of Cavite, Philippines. Hi, I am in Kenya and I want to start this business and on a large scale. I need a farmer can me or eggs, helps provide me with my project. my number is 0723137194. Sincerely. In Harare, the Zimbabwe left and has a company of 70 hectares. Promote a program of biogas digesters. I want to a suburb of the city to adopt the biogas digesters normal septic. Slurry/manure a family where they contain human excrement should be used in the Reichstag of worms of the family. My idea is to buy domestic breeding earthworms for earthworms. How can I do to improve the worms and make money. Very interesting and above all environmentally friendly project. Send me more information about this case, a worm of farming on a large scale. See you around! Steph. If you want to start with SilkWorm breeding, first is this a question-do attract, as the worms? A lot of people like worms, but if you can overcome your fear or distaste for this small creature, you can make a lot of money. Today, buy equipment to start a single company. I am concerned about A few details of worms. As to the worm starter, reproductive rates, the market for the occupation of the worm. You have not used Green House, I think that it could turn into worms-friendly accommodation. Proper temperature control. It is located in the northeast of the United States-thank you, Shawn. Agriculture. It's called worm compost and cost more than $100! As you can see, this type of business requires a large capital. How you, the correct procedures know and have the hardware, can go far. Invest the time and effort that succeeds, to develop this type of activity required skills. If you are afraid to work, you must first overcome this fear. If you do not want, nor keep the worms with hands!You have a lot of advantages through Vermicomposting. If other people have managed to create quality and useful fertilizer, follow approx. There is not only helps to save the world by recycling organic waste, but you also have the chance to win money. This is a great way to get extra income in addition to their usual work. What are you waiting for? Today, the team is composting and read the operating instructions carefully. Once you know the steps to configure the worm farming, you start this opportunity. With the extreme competition between companies, you must withdraw and offer something new. Breeding worm is unusual, but it is a great source of income. Hi, I m in Kathmandu, interested in m n To want to start hot breeding. pls tell me what for silkworm breeding with the example project costs and how much can I earn in particular, pls send me more info. Thank you very much. Alex of Kenya and holder of the standard Ranch wild boar with a Vermiculture 30square meter sell my worms, but the use of Wormcast of organic rich Nituriuents to generate any and a 1000-gallon tank for the diffusion of my 3 acre ranch used mix voices had the Kenyan Council of farmers venture into breeding worm and not awake to wait and sell them Mananapero, if it isn't time to the wachsen4 to your advantage, I them my number u offer form, is 0722694522 I train free of charge. Hello! I would like to know that with regard to the rearing error: 1. type of roundworm used2. Cultivation3 method. I'm UsesI in Mysore, Karnataka, India. I am a Kenyan living in Thika, located in the Centre of Kenya. I am interested in a farm. Where can I get more information as the source for the machine and where you sell manure? I'm trying to establish a farm. I have a farm. Price starting from. be a profitable business. I like the worms. Life in the United Kingdom (Devon), organic, or the need to eat a certain type. My farm is not farm organic natural things, but we sprinkle fertilizer. How I can check my worm-bio or everyone? Please Help me with the configuration of a profitable business with high investment costs combined. Hi pls give me information about this project. Work we a worm which can market and sell the amount of capital invest.? Thanks Amjad Faisal. I live in the coast of Kenya, worm rearing their greenness interested. where and how I promote my company in Kenya to and material at the beginning because I listen not these cases in Kenya? Hello Sir, please about this project Give me. How we can create a worm on a larger scale and more importantly, we can sell this market as well as the amount of capital to invest. Mumbai, India. Hi good day the Lord! You are in the Philippines, can you give me information, particularly about how this market? Hi, I would like to know more about worm breeding. If I start with that is possible on a large scale, Which one kind of market, could be the target. I would like a detailed document about this kind of activity is less well known. What kind of machinery or equipment must be purchased and the budget for the same thing. Then ask for more. I'm from India, Kerala, Kannur. LV in n. TX. started just my worm farm by Red worms, which expanded on a day of cpl for earthworms. There are 2 zoos are interested in my product, or would like to do The same. TY, Chuck. Hi, I am a s.a, a worm farmer wants to be and is the supplier of companies with the same product, pls send more information about worms, Help me with some of the marketing, there are facilities for a staff workshop-courses. I would like to know about breeding worm an agricultural area of 7000 square yard so pls tell me what is it for this project of the worm in my area cost and How many in a year. My name is Mark & lives in lakes, Nigeria.am need worms to my farm.how that I can start a worm farm link. Please me with local experts here in Lagos. Question: Which one food necessary to cultivate the worm is?A. you can bread, that excess, feed oats oatmeal, pasta, vegetables and fruits. Avoid Very much acidic foods in the autumn. Products, to move meat and salty foods.Q: what is the optimal temperature for worms develop?45 to 80 degrees is the optimum temperature for the worm. Question: What are the equipment for the worm for agriculture on a large scale?Very much Sir, I am interested in Silkworm breeding please send the Fattoria and the use & run me the details of this project as costs. ! BEED, Maharashtra, India. Hello Sir, I am interested in, but I know that I can get on the market for sale and financial benefits to worms I'm dating Jasdan, Gujarat, India. Who would have thought that you can In fact make money! Many people like not worms, because these creatures viscose and are dirty. You need a business plan, which you on how these cases will lead. Since this is a unique business idea, collect first appropriate data online to learn the basics. Do you know the vermicomposting? Nozzle, you can create a quality fertilizer, you sell the can at a reasonable price. It is an opportunity, green businesses, which need to be taken into account. John Kenya Kiambu: I have a worm farm, I need the farmers, who can buy my worm juice or a means to advise the company. I can learn, as a breeder of silkworms with interest start farm. My name is Gloria and I live in Abuja, I want to start a farm. Actually, I have no idea where earthworms start To find and how to do this. I would appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you and God bless! Hi, I am interested in breeding worm, please can you give me more information about this. Do I need a floor? Where can I buy the machines and the kind of worms. ,,.