Updated Google Chrome

for example (you can open a PDF file drag-and-drop it into your browser window). Can also arrange, duplicate and PIN sheets, whatever you want. You can in the browser with Google Mail Extensions, themes, and sync all & accounts Favorites, history and AutoFill password inputs, eyelashes. This is not only for multiple users on the same computer, each with a custom browser; But it also allows users to enjoy your browser file on each computer that you are using. In addition, chromium is usually the first application of new standards and technologies to become true champions. optimized for modern Internet.When only a browser used to visit Web sites, is very far, as productivity suites services and communication tools of general entertainment programmes, are increasingly in the cloud. Chrome browser is more popular and Grunden. google very good is an easy-to-use Web browser, functions already integrated with many, as for example, Adobe Flash Player or chrome now today. You can be the best of Google chrome. In addition to these basic functions, there are tons of extensions which can download and install for free. Users change the look of your browser or add music and video capabilities, these more experienced if you can see the HTTPS protocol or use blacklist of URLs with a single click you want. . — Update (28/05): workaround for this problem: the drop-down list, click top right – > Click ” settings – “ > Click “ find advanced settings under ” down – > … scroll down and disable the “ use hardware acceleration if available ”.Please note that the Windows version of Chrome still have the same problem with the latest version “ 27.0.1453.94 m ”, both “ ” hardware acceleration is the power and its compatible graphics card. Use the above solution, if the problem of black screen. — popular browser. You can ’ at the top of the page can ’ t – – can ’ chrome uninstall t apply. Just updated to version 31.0.1650.63 and is also (18.12.2013).Cutting hardware acceleration seems to remedy the situation.I hope this n ’ t is a recurring problem. I'm going to Google maps gives me a black screen. I am on Windows 7 and Firefox. Solution found in Google Earth, click on a second and then back to the map and it is normal. Google browser is a browser more stable and faster on the market. New security regulations also Google chrome. To ensure this, you should also check directly with the installation and download of Google if there are updates available, regularly updated for Google chrome can be chromed to avoid unpleasant surprises.Error in the software, it may not be over, but if these vulnerabilities of errors, the situation becomes critical. So we can only hope that the manufacturer as soon as a software update is highlighted and the security gap. Keep the updates and updated regularly so it's obligation to every user of chrome Computers. Google update, when you upgrade a green arrow in the background running AppearsNormally, Google chrome, so that your browser is up to date and not have to worry about the issue. If you need to manually update a Google chrome, should be prepared.It has appeared, that little green arrow in the toolbar of the browser in a new update is available. In the menu, select the updated Google chrome ” “ here. After upgrading from Google chrome. Is effective for updating the browser must be restarted. However, Google chrome stores eyelashes opened and reopen it when it is restarted.If you want to manually check for updates, click the Google chrome icon and select the menu item ” in Google chrome ”. The window is open, the search for newer versions. If available, the View of the ” update now ”, download the latest version of chrome in the operation. The new version is loaded, a reboot is necessary, as indicated above. Again open tabs and Windows are saved and restored after reboot. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —. ,,.